The workshop

The Embroidery Workshop

The Passion for Embroidered Works

Fatoumata DIENG in design
Cotton, linen, silk, beads...

Cotton, linen, silk, beads...

The materials for embroidery

Threads of all materials, mohair wool, beads, natural objects.
Nos créations originales

Our original creations.

Embroidered artworks, decorative objects, table linens, cushion covers.

Our Retail Locations

Discover our physical retail locations as well as the option to order our items directly from our online store.

Our Creations

Explore the unique world of La Signare through its original creations.

Discover the original creations by La Signare, an artist passionate about embroidery and needle painting. On a 40x30cm white canvas, sits Sissy, princess of Africa. Threads, acrylic paint, cowrie shells, and beads come together in a beautiful harmony of colors.


Workshop and Materials

When Elegance Meets Craftsmanship in the Art of Embroidery

La Signare is a handmade embroidery workshop founded by Fatoumata DIENG in Dakar, Senegal. It offers handcrafted embroidery products along with embroidery workshops. The workshop highlights craftsmanship, African aesthetics, and pays tribute to the mixed-race women known as "Signares," renowned for their elegance and embroidery expertise.

La Signare primarily utilizes organic materials such as cotton and wood, as well as mineral substances like beads in its creations. These materials are carefully transformed, employing certified biodegradable cotton and high-quality beaded threads. The brand favors both traditional and modern techniques for weaving, sewing, embroidering, and assembling their products with precision.

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