Original creations

Embroidered canvases, decorative objects, table linens, cushion covers

Original creations
  • Légende

    Sissy, African princess adorned in African colors and accessories

The works of La Signare exalt women in their gestures and expressions that emanate from their faces. Through her paintings, cushion covers, towels, tote bags, and shirts all hand-embroidered, La Signare portrays the various nationalities in Africa. With carefully chosen colors, she adorns her 'Signares' with threads of different colors, beads, shells, and paint, making them vibrant and carriers of messages

The Art of Embroidery

The creation of a white embroidery or needle painting piece requires both creativity and precision. It all begins with the idea of the design, which can be inspired by nature, architecture, traditional art, or any other source of inspiration. Once the design is chosen, it is transferred onto the fabric using a water-soluble pen or through a transfer process.




Colors, Techniques, and Key Steps

The process of creating the artwork generally unfolds as follows:

- Designing a chosen motif and transferring it onto a surface (fabric, canvas, or frame).

- Selecting threads and choosing colors that harmonize with the project to create a beautiful concordance between the motif(s) and the colors.

- Preparing the materials: setting up the loom or embroidery hoop, ensuring the fabric or canvas is properly stretched to facilitate the work.

- Choosing the embroidery stitch(es) based on the design and desired effect.

- Embroidery: starting the stitching process by following the traced outline(s) of the motif. This requires patience and precision to create lines, curves, and, with the threads, produce the desired shades and textures.

- Finishing touches: Once the work is completed, trimming any excess threads with a suitable embroidery scissors, carefully reviewing the work to eliminate any folds or imperfections, and then presenting it prominently (framed, as a cushion cover, on a wall) or displaying it as is.

The embroidery threads for Lunéville crochet.
The embroidery threads for Lunéville crochet.

African Handcrafted Doll

"This handcrafted doll, lavishly dressed, celebrates African art and culture through its clothing and functionality. She wears a flared dress made from authentic wax fabric adorned with intricate geometric patterns in a palette of blue, yellow, and brown. The doll is crowned with a matching headband and features hand-painted traits that reflect traditional craftsmanship. At the core of its structure, it conceals a handwoven box, perfect for storing small items. Placed on a surface or as a centerpiece, this doll-box is not only a decorative piece but also a testament to traditional craftsmanship, ideal for ethnic art enthusiasts and collectors of unique items.

Height: 35cm. Diameter: 30cm."

African Handcrafted Doll
African Handcrafted Doll with Integrated Dress and Box. Adorned in a traditional wax fabric dress with colorful patterns, this unique doll serves as both an art piece and a practical storage box.

Sokhna is a Signare

In Senegal, when a woman is called Sokhna, it is a mark of respect. With her headdress called 'Moussor' in the national Wolof language, Sokhna embodies the feminine elegance of Saint-Louis, paying tribute to my paternal grandmother. Sokhna was embroidered over seven (7) days on cotton fabric. Sokhna is a cushion cover measuring 40 x 40 cm. The choice of thread color in nuanced blue evokes the highly-prized indigo blue in Africa and Senegal.

Embroidery time: 100 hours of work
Technique: needle painting

Sokhna is a Signare.
Embroidered cushion cover Sokhna. Cotton fabric, 40 x 40 cm.


During my travels in South Africa, I was in awe of the women with their proud and resilient demeanor. Wanda is the enigmatic woman who faces challenges without flinching, especially without shame in her cultural heritage. Her bare head, daring gaze, adorned in the distinct colors of Africa. The colors used symbolize determination, light, and hope. This image is embroidered over seven (7) days for a decorative cushion cover measuring 40 x 40 cm.

Embroidery time: 60 hours of work
Technique: white embroidery

Embroidered cushion cover Wanda. Cotton fabric, 40 x 40 cm.


The transmission through the mother-child relationship has always captivated me. Being a mother is more than giving life; it's also about passing on through various channels, including love, tenderness, guidance, and the way one looks at the world. Yaye, which means 'mom' in the Wolof language, is used for all these motherly figures, adult women who bear the responsibility of educating, instructing, and protecting. The choice of colors - yellow, pink, green, purple - symbolizes hope, light, and tenderness. The pearl necklace always symbolizes our culture.

Embroidery time: 60 hours of work
Technique: needle painting

Embroidered cushion cover Yaye. Cotton fabric, 40 x 40 cm.


Between two cultures, Amelia is a blend of two worlds. A Western and African woman, she stands out with her hat reminiscent of the beautiful capes of old. Affirming her diversity with red, and exuding sobriety and elegance with black. She is embroidered on a canvas with a natural wood backing.

Time taken: 9 hours of embroidery
Technique: needle painting

Amelia Painting. Embroidery on canvas

Our other creations

The La Signare workshop offers more than just embroidery. In their boutique, you will find:

- Acrylic-painted canvases adorned with beads and natural objects,
- Hand-painted cotton cushion covers decorated with golden Baoulé buttons,
- Wax fabric paintings to enhance your wall spaces,
- Lunéville crochet works,
- Mugs,
- Acrylic-painted tote bags, along with other products waiting to be discovered.

Drawing Inspired by Gaudi
Painting 30x410cm on cotton canvas, inspired by Gaudi, with opaque and permanent oil paint.
Embroidered painting of an Overseas Woman named Gisèle, showcased in a natural wooden frame.
Embroidered painting of an Overseas Woman named Gisèle, showcased in a natural wooden frame.
Hand-drawn and hand-painted Limoges porcelain mug.
Aminata Limoges Porcelain Mug, hand-drawn and hand-painted. Capacity: 250 ml. Safe for dishwasher and microwave without damage.
Hand-embroidered and hand-painted Astou Tote Bag
Astou, Modern Woman, with Close-Cropped Hair, Bold Lipstick, and Golden Earrings Cotton Tote Bag 39x35cm Handle: 31cm 10 Hours of Work Made to Order

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