"Aiguilles Solidaires" Magazine

"Aiguilles Solidaires" is much more than just a leisure craft magazine. The quarterly magazine will highlight creative projects that have a positive social impact.

It aims to be a source of inspiration that encourages creativity while promoting values of solidarity and mutual assistance. In this magazine, you will discover inspiring articles on various areas of craftsmanship, needlework, and many other topics. Each issue will feature detailed tutorials and patterns for creative projects to be made by oneself.

Different Nationalities for a Better World
Let's Celebrate the Diversity of Cultures for a More Harmonious World



More than just a magazine, Aiguilles Solidaires is a platform that aims to establish connections, encourage the sharing of knowledge, and create a community of embroidery enthusiasts, artists, handcrafters, and artisans.

Through the pages of our magazine, I aim to inspire and inform embroidery enthusiasts, artisans, and creators who share the same vision: that of a solidarity-driven artisanal know-how. We highlight the talents of embroiderers, artisans, entrepreneurs, and creators.

The stories behind each creation often carry messages. Every shared creation can change a life.

Quarterly, you will discover compelling articles on solidarity projects conducted around the world, showcasing artisans and organizations that use embroidery, handmade work to improve living conditions, promote culture, and support social causes. You will also find exclusive interviews with committed artists, creators, and designers. Tutorials to develop your skills and photo galleries to inspire you in your own creations will be featured in the magazine.

I believe in the importance of giving meaning to our practice and positively contributing to our society.

Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned expert in embroidery, drawing, painting, writing, or creation, Aiguilles Solidaires invites you to explore, learn, and engage. Join the movement, be part of the community that transforms threads and fabrics, objects into true works of art and instruments of social change.

The La Signare team is proud to present Aiguilles Solidaires, and we hope that every page of our magazine will inspire you to create, share, and act for a more solidary world.

Together, with our needles, we can weave a beautiful story of solidarity and creativity.

Your valuable contribution of 1.80 euros will support the production of the magazine and finance our solidarity actions.

Welcome to Aiguilles Solidaires!

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