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Discover the art of embroidery with Needle Painting and White Embroidery

Embroidery Workshop
  • Légende

    Fatoumata working on her Lunéville embroidery frame.

Presentation of needle painting

Needle painting is an embroidery technique aimed at reproducing a pattern (drawing, photo, or image) on a material (fabric, canvas) by filling in the pattern using threads of a single color or different colors, similar to painting with its filling. It is done using successive layers of long and short stitches. The threads are meticulously applied with the help of a needle, preferably from the Bohin brand, on a generally plain cotton fabric to create detailed and realistic images.

Presentation of needle painting
Needle painting, also known as raised embroidery, is an artistic technique that involves replicating patterns or images on a textile material using special needles and colored threads.

Presentation of White Embroidery

White embroidery is a traditional embroidery technique done in white, most often on white fabric. Nowadays, this embroidery technique can also be done on other colors. It was originally intended for household linen. For example, for bridal trousseaus, initials were embroidered and adorned with floral ornaments. White embroidery remains a timeless classic. The threads are meticulously applied using a Bohin needle (highly recommended) on fabric, usually in natural cotton, white, or a solid color, to create detailed and realistic images.

White embroidery is a traditional embroidery technique characterized by the use of white threads on white fabric. It was originally intended for household linens, especially for bridal trousseaus. This technique is known for its delicacy and refinement.

The course outline

The workshop will take place over a duration of two (2) hours as follows:

  1. Introduction of the trainer
  2. Introduction of the trainee(s)
  3. Presentation of the kit contents
  4. Theoretical explanation of the selected technique
  5. Guided practical exercise
  6. Break (15 minutes)
  7. Individual exercise
  8. Review, correction, and discussion

The equipment

On-Site Embroidery Supplies

  • Various colored Skeins
  • 1 Pair of embroidery scissors per person
  • 1 Embroidery hoop per person
  • 1 Cotton or linen fabric (20x20cm) per person
  • 1 Carbon paper per person
Embroidery Kit
Basic Embroidery Kit for Beginners.

Embroidery training fees

The sessions are billed at fifteen euros (15) per hour per person and twenty-five euros (25) for two hours per person. Registrations are made in advance on the website. The materials are included in the fee. La Signare accepts a maximum of three people per two-hour session.

Training schedule for 2023

Locations for embroidery workshops:

The workshops are held:

  • In Ile de France at: 1 rue Dominique Adenot, 94500 Champigny-sur-Marne
  • In Senegal: At the Henriette Bathily Women's Museum in Dakar. Contact Mrs. Dos Santos Florence at +221 77 655 90 99.

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