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Sokhna, Wanda, Yaye, discover our original creations.

Welcome to our new exquisite embroidery collection from La Signare. It's a real pleasure for me to present to you our unique creations that blend the traditional art of embroidery with a contemporary aesthetic. Each piece in this collection has been meticulously designed and crafted with passion.

Through these collections, I invite you to immerse yourself in a world where embroidered motifs come to life. Inspired by nature, art, and the richness of African culture, captivating patterns tell the story of our African women.

Every embroidered thread represents hours of meticulous work and dedication, resulting in unique and exceptional creations.

I hope that these collections: Aminata, Sokhna, and Wanda will captivate you as much as they inspired us during their creation. May these unique pieces bring a touch of sophistication and beauty to your space, and transport you to a world where embroidery becomes a timeless form of art.

The Animata Collection

"Aminata" is a commonly used name in West Africa. I chose this name to represent a girl with a sincere gaze and a mischievous smile. Aminata is proudly featured on table napkins, cushion covers, paintings, and mugs.

Hand-embroidered woven canvas artwork.
Aminata, an African girl with a mischievous smile, is embroidered on a woven canvas. Dimensions: 30x40 cm Material: natural wood Handcrafted embroidery Can be placed on a wooden stand or hung in your daughter's room.
Set of four table napkins.
Aminata is a set of four table napkins, 40x40cm, made of 100% organic cotton, with DMC thread entirely hand-embroidered. Delivered in a suitable box.

The YAYE Collection

A widely used name in West Africa, particularly in countries like Senegal. "Yaye" in Wolof, the national language of Senegal, means "mother," and is often given to honor mothers and women who play a significant role in the family and community. It evokes the loving and protective figure, symbolizing maternal love and feminine strength. Yaye gracefully adorns cushion covers and mugs.

Hand-Embroidered Cotton Cushion Cover, 40x40cm
"Yaye," which means mother, is a 100% cotton cushion cover with hand-embroidered detailing. It depicts the affection and transmission from a mother to her baby boy. The outfit and colorful headscarf reflect the natural preferences of the little one!
Yaye and her baby.
On a cream-colored cushion cover, Yaye and her baby, wearing matching headscarves in the same color, share moments of happiness together.
Hand-drawn and hand-painted Yaye porcelain Limoges mug.
What better way to immortalize these mother-baby bonds than with the Yaye mug, drawn with a pen and hand-painted. It can be carried everywhere with care.
Hand-Embroidered Cotton Cushion Cover, 40x40cm
On a hand-embroidered cushion cover, nature makes its entrance with the color green. In all its natural beauty, Yaye and her baby enjoy these tender moments that Mother Nature knows how to convey so well.
Hand-Embroidered Cotton Cushion Cover, 40x40cm
Me and my baby, comfortably nestled in a corner of a chair. In white. 100% cotton. Hand-embroidered with fancy beads around the neck. 32 hours of work.

The Wanda Collection

"Wanda" is a name of Slavic origin that also has variants in different cultures. It is commonly used in several regions around the world, particularly in Europe and East Africa. Here, Wanda symbolizes the South African woman who proudly wears colors specific to her culture. Wanda is a strong, independent, and determined woman. She is featured on cushion covers with her entirely beaded necklace, embroidered with cotton thread, and on Limoges porcelain mugs.

Cushion cover 40x40cm in cotton with artisanal embroidery.
She's well settled, Wanda! For those who aren't afraid of challenges. This cushion cover featuring the image of Wanda will enhance your living space.
Hand-Embroidered Cotton Cushion Cover, 40x40cm
WANDA embodies the woman of East Africa. Bare-headed, with a bold gaze. Red, bright yellow, and beads, just to name a few colors. Wanda is the woman who knows how to face and overcome challenges. Hand-embroidered cover with fancy beads.
 Hand-embroidered towel.
Hand-embroidered table napkin made of 100% organic cotton, measuring 40x40cm. Pale green color with an embroidered image of Wanda. Embroidery techniques used: stem stitch and white embroidery. Comes in a set of four napkins in a suitable box.
40x40cm Ecru Cotton Pillow Cover
Pillow cover measuring 40x40cm Color: Ecru 100% Cotton Handcrafted embroidery Special features: Glass beads and embroidery communicate here. Wanda, the woman from East Africa, brightens up your interior.
Limoges Porcelain Wanda Mug
The adventure continues! After the cushion covers, here is Wanda, drawn with a pen and painted on a mug. She seems to say, "Take me with you!" 320 ml mug, dishwasher and microwave safe. Fancy a nice herbal tea in Wanda's mug?

African doll Collection

These African handcrafted dolls combine traditional aesthetics and contemporary functionality, representing a harmonious marriage between the art object and the practical storage box. Each doll, beautifully dressed in traditional African fabrics, features a vibrant array of geometric, floral and polka dot designs, often embellished with fine white lace. Coordinating scarves and carefully chosen jewelry add to their authentic charm.

Beyond their external beauty, these dolls also serve as ingenious storage boxes, offering a stylish solution for hiding small, everyday items. They not only embody the richness of African identity and the exquisite craftsmanship of the continent but also prove to be functional pieces that bring a spirit of innovation to tradition. These dolls are therefore an exceptional choice for those looking to enrich their surroundings with pieces that are both culturally significant and practical.

African handmade doll with integrated dress and box. Adorned in a traditional wax fabric dress with colorful patterns, this unique doll serves both as a work of art and a practical storage box. Perfect for adding an ethnic touch to your interior decor.
This handmade African doll is dressed in a brightly colored patchwork dress, reflecting the dynamism and diversity of African textile art. The dress combines geometric patterns in an eye-catching Primary color palette, enhanced by white lace details
This handcrafted African doll is dressed in a vibrant dress with a traditional African pattern in red, green and black, evoking the essence of the continent's textile art.
This handmade African doll showcases a colorful outfit that captures the spirit of African craftsmanship. She wears a bold multicolored dress, representative of contemporary African design, with hints of blue, yellow, and red on a black background.
Handmade doll celebrates the diversity and originality of African culture through its exceptional outfit. She is dressed in a black and white polka dot dress, layered with multi-colored African patterned aprons, which provide a burst of color and attracti

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